Broadcast messaging done right

Get subscribers and send them rich content across their favorite channels based on their interests and needs.

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How it works

Step 1

Create a topic list for subscribers

Step 2

Customers subscribe with selected communication channel

Step 3

Send a broadcast message


Boost your business with broadcasting

Broadcast message is an exceptional marketing tool. It helps you engage your subscribers and strengthen the bond with them. Broadcasts are rich and personalized messages sent to your subscribers on the channel they prefer. You can use them for promotional or informational purposes. So, provide your audience with the latest information they want to hear about within seconds.


Broadcast with chat apps or SMS

Connect with your subscribers on a channel they prefer. Broadcasting allows you to send mass messages to your audience via multiple messaging channels. Your audience is the one that chooses where to interact with you. So the more channels you offer the better. Our gateway gives you the possibility to include popular chat apps as well as bulk SMS in your broadcast.


Send targeted broadcasts that impress your subscribers

The more targeted messages you send, the more engaged subscribers you have. That’s simple. Build the right subscriber lists that represent individual areas of interest of your audience. Your regular or potential customers then subscribe to one of these areas they are interested in. This will make it extremely easy for you to send a mass message with appropriate content that subscribers are interested in.


Key advantages of broadcast messages

Rich content for a rich experience
Rich content for a rich experience

Engage subscribers with richer and more attractive content. Chat apps enable you to write longer messages and attach images. This makes it more likely to attract the attention of subscribers.

Better targeting
Better targeting

Send personalized broadcasts to a specific list of subscribers with specific interests or needs. Ensure positive experience to your regular or potential. They will appreciate that you know them and understand them.

Low price, high impact
Low price, high impact

Have a big positive impact on your subscribers for lower costs. You also save a lot of money if you engage with your subscribers more via chat apps instead of SMS.