Enrich communication with Smart SMS

Promote your products, sales, events, and others better with Smart SMS. Your customers will be positively affected by richer content.

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How it works

Create a Business page
Create a Business page
Interact with your customers in a new environment.
Send offers
Send offers
Create and send out many different offers to your customers.
Collect success!
Collect success!
Smart SMS will improve customer engagement and drive sales higher.

Create a new environment for your company in 2 clicks

Design your own Business Page on our Web Portal within 3 minutes. You can actually design how many you want. It is for free
Personify your Business page so it evokes positive emotions in your customers. Add your logo, choose different color palettes, attach pictures and videos
Promote your products, services, events, and sale, etc. in a smart way. Take advantage of a high open-rate of SMS messages and the global coverage of our SMS gateway. Promote anything, anywhere in the world easily and efficiently

Let your customers know about offers they can't possibly miss.

Your offers are accessible through a short URL that is automatically inserted into your SMS message
Encourage your customers to take advantage of the current offer before it expires and/or is out of stock. There are many incentives you can list in your offer such as a discount, original and new price, quantity, expiration date with a countdown
Create as many offers as you please, for free. The only thing you pay for is sent SMS messages. The SMS price for the Smart SMS campaign is the same as for the bulk SMS campaign. Take a look at our price list to get an overview how much it costs in your country

Simple administration of offers and orders on our Portal

Have a complete overview of your ongoing offers and orders in one place. You can easily edit your offers, see expiration dates, etc.
Manage all orders from one place. Our web Portal lists who showed an interest in your offer. You take it from here. See contact information, change order status for a particular contact, and others

Be always aware of any change

Receive notifications after every new order via SMS or your e-mail
Your customer will also receive SMS notification after a successful order

What is Smart SMS?

Smart SMS is a new way of interacting with your customers. It combines the speed and reliability of the standard SMS message with the beautiful design and content of your business page.

Smart SMS, therefore, represents an extended version of the standard SMS where you can provide more valuable content in the form of longer personalized text, images or videos, offer incentives, and order form. Every Smart SMS contains a short link that leads to an offer of a particular business page (your company for example).