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Your customers are what matters most. Send them SMS notifications about their orders and upcoming appointments, and make them happier.

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Make customers happier with SMS notifications

SMS notification is a powerful and verified way how to interact and engage your customers. It is one of the most important marketing tools that help you skyrocket customer satisfaction. Use SMS notifications to let your customers know about orders, upcoming appointments, and bookings. Provide valuable information with a discount code and make your customers want to come back to you. Do the right thing and use SMS notification in your business.


Benefits of SMS notifications

Take care of your customers’ convenience via automated and personalized SMS notifications. Here are some of the main benefits notifications can give your business in return.

Cost & time saving
Cost & time saving

Save time and money on every single SMS notification. Automated notifications are sent instantly without your need to individually write them. Plus, your customers always know what is going and don’t have the need to contact your support.

Increased loyalty
Increased loyalty

Improve relationship with your customers. Notify them, so they know that you take care of their orders, bookings, and appointments. Include a discount code in your SMS notification and enjoy their return.

High open-rate
High open-rate

Meet one of the best marketing tools to reach your customers. SMS messages have an incredible open rate of up to 98%. That means that your audience will read your message.


Discover our SMS sending solutions

Send SMS notifications from a solution that suits your business the most. We have several options on how you can connect to our SMS gateway and start notifying your customers.

Send automated and personalized SMS notification directly via our all-in-one Web Portal. Create your Business Page and whenever a customer places a new order, both you and the customer receive a notification.
Connect your application to our gateway via one of our APIs and extend its functionalities by adding the SMS channel.
If you use one of the most widely used e-commerce, CRM or CMS platforms, then it is quite likely that we have an SMS extension or module for it.